Restoring an Old Photo

Do you or a loved one have a photo tucked away in a drawer or box that you’d love to have out and enjoy, but it’s too damaged to display? Infinity Photo Solutions offers Photo Restoration Services that can take your cracked, torn, faded, damaged photo and restore it to a beautiful image that you can then display in any format of your choosing. Take a look at these samples:

First, a collage my mother made years ago of me and my sister when we were kids. (She painstakingly cut out each of those photos with a knife!). She was going to throw this out because it was so worn and faded, but instead we had it restored, and look at it now!


And here is a photo from a client who had only this one picture of him and his father. How wonderful to have this photo restored so he and his family can enjoy it now!


Contact us to take a look at your photo(s) for a complimentary restoration quote. Most restorations range from $48-$85.