Are You Overwhelmed with Your Photos?

What if your photos could finally be organized like you’ve always wanted them to be? 

Would it give you peace of mind to know that your photos are safely backed up?

Imagine all your photos organized in one place, easily searchable and backed up!

This is where we can help! At Infinity Photo Solutions, LLC, our goal is to help you gain control, and eliminate the stress and guilt caused by having thousands of pictures scattered among your memory cards and digital devices or hiding in boxes and drawers. We offer a variety of personalized services and solutions to help you organize and share your photos in a meaningful way. It is our joy and privilege to help you get your photos organized and back into your life!

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“I would absolutely recommend Infinity Photo Solutions! A photo organizer is so worth it, especially if your photos are scattered around and you would like to get enjoyment out of them. I felt overwhelmed with the magnitude of trying to go through and organize so many photos, but Sandra made the whole process easy and was so helpful. I really enjoyed working with her and am very happy with the end result! My photos were actually a source of stress before I had them organized and winnowed down. I had so many pictures and they were just stuffed in boxes that I never looked at. Now I have both original photos as well as digital images, organized chronologically and by person so they are easy to find. I am so happy to have my photos preserved, organized and presentable!

– Cathie F., Vienna, VA

“Infinity Photo Solutions helped me scan and organize all of my ancestral and personal photos. These photos were in albums, loose and in varied conditions. Infinity Photo Solutions took on the tasks of removing the photos from albums and other things that would have been time-consuming for me. They also advised me about the preservation of the original photos and ways to best view and share the photos with others. These services were invaluable.”  

 – Marice W., Vienna, VA

“Sandra is professional, patient, and very willing to make photo organization work for you in a personalized way. I was struggling with organizing my photos on my computer in a way that made sense to me. I didn't really have a handle on where the files were stored, so I couldn't find the photos that I needed. It was super frustrating and a huge time waster for me. Sandra asked me all the right questions before we got started, then booked an appointment for me with the objective of walking me through the way my computer stores photos, how the Cloud works, and ways I could optimize my storage and protect and backup my important photos. Now I know where to find my photos. I can easily organize my photos by category (ie date, subject, event) and separate images for work and family, which makes a big difference. It is a valuable investment and can make a big difference in the way you see your own photos. Sandra is a real lifesaver!”  

– Jen T., Falls Church, VA


Sandra Williams is a Certified Photo Organizer by the Association of Personal Photo Organizers (APPO).  Being certified means Sandra has taken the time and commitment to acquire the best knowledge and training in the industry and holds herself to the highest ethical standards for service and practice. Sandra is also a Certified Mylio Partner, indicating she has achieved a high level of knowledge and experience with the Mylio photo organizing and management application.