Keeping Up with My Photos

We all know that with the sheer number of photos we take and the fast pace of life, it can be difficult to stay on top of our photos. In between working with my clients to help them organize their photo collections, I work hard to keep up with my own photos. I try to stay current on special events or vacations my family takes by creating a digital album or digital album pages soon after the event. Creating pages then is not that hard because the memories are fresh and I am still feeling excited right afterwards. The other motivator for me is that my family is usually begging to see the photos and I don’t want to show them off until they are on an album page accompanied by the stories! The biggest hurdle is making the time commitment to do it, but like most things, once I dive in, it can go pretty quickly. Right now I am organizing and editing photos from a really fun trip we took over spring break. My favorite part of the process is putting the photos on album pages and telling the stories, so that is what keeps me motivated to finish selecting my favorites, doing some light editing, and putting the photos in the order I want.

What vacation, special family occasion or other photos might you like to celebrate and share with others in an album? Grab that box of photos or find those digital images that you’ve wanted to get into an album and get started! Sometimes working on the “fun” photos first is the best place to start. Contact me if you need help!